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Caring for your health is an important part of growing up. If you notice changes that you are not sure are normal, ask your parents or a trusted adult to help you make an appointment with a doctor or other health care provider. Health care providers you can see include:

  • A pediatrician. This is a doctor who cares for children and teens. Some pediatricians have special training in reproductive health issues like problems with periods, but not all do.
  • A family practitioner. This is a doctor who does not focus on a specific medical specialty but works on various medical areas in patients of all ages.
  • A gynecologist. A gynecologist is a doctor who focuses on women’s reproductive health. Some gynecologists specialize in taking care of teenagers.
  • An adolescent specialist. This type of doctor specializes in caring for teenagers. Most adolescent medicine doctors take care of reproductive health in addition to general health.
  • A nurse practitioner (NP). A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with special training. If your clinic or doctor’s office has an NP, he or she can do many of the things a doctor can do and will work with the doctor if you need special tests or medicines.
  • A certified nurse midwife. This is a nurse who is trained to care for the general and gynecological health of women and their babies.

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